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hands open and my eyes open

i wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it

a low-chant jive on the century's crime
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Two cents : embrace it, love it, get it
I icon a lot of kingdom hearts. Mostly Namine and Kairi...
House, Bones, Heroes, Top Chef, Project Runway
America's Next Top Model. What?
Asian emoticon addiction ^_^
Honors kid - brought to you by the letter "A"
My former AP Lit teacher still makes my life
College might kill me. No srsly -- I am Chemical Engineering major.
Countless OCs - Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Digimon, D.Gray-Man (unnamed, drawn on the back of film notes)
dA pimpage, ftw
avatard, Bleach lover, Twilighter extraordinaire
Digimon may be old skool, but it still wins
My Neighbor Totoro - I want a Kittenbus. Go lurk; you will too.
The lamest weirdo you are likely to meet