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a low-chant jive on the century's crime
12 December 2012 @ 04:35 pm

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a low-chant jive on the century's crime
23 May 2011 @ 12:44 pm
So I turn 20 in 30 days OMFG. I'm not sure how I feel about being officially old. :/

This weekend is the World Steam Expo up in Dearborn, Michigan. My friends and I are going up for the whole weekend, and it is looking like it will be an absolute blast. I have one new outfit in the works and a revamp on one of the old ones. The new one includes a self-drafted corset that I'm going to start working on here in like.. now. I really hope it turns out well. I managed to once again prove my incompetence and ordered an incorrect number of bones. So here's hoping that the ones I just ordered get here before thursday, or I'm fk'd. My project for today is making a skirt out of a curtain bought at Goodwill. Keep an eye out for pictures of the con etc~

I also may be going to Colossal Con afterall. If that works out, I will debut Maka and officially by po'. Otherwise, Maka will be debuted at Glass City Con 3 at which point I might have been able to finish Soul Eater as well. (If not, it will just be plain school uniform.) Second will be either Riku or street Axehl, depending on if I get the superglue stain off of Riku or get my wig presentable. ._.

But anyway, off to get my bangs cut so that I can be Maka-ful again.

If any of you happen to be going to WSX, keep an eye out for a blonde in a gold fleur-de-lis vest or a brown corset/green-and-brown pants. Might be me. To people going to Colossal: might see you guys there! Be sure to say hi!

Also: I think I actually might like Abney Park. I know...
a low-chant jive on the century's crime
28 April 2011 @ 09:38 pm
So as a first note, I love how very little I use this thing haha. I know I've said I'm going to start using it more, and it never happens, soooooooo yeah not saying it again. Maybe that'll work as reverse jinxing or something. But now on to the main event.

The second World Steam Expo is just over a month away, and I am excited beyond comprehension. Most of that, I think, is due to the fact that school is almost over (I have my finals next week. Ew.) and then I am mostly free for the summer. But other than that, I'm planning to attempt some significantly more elaborate costumes and cosplays this year. First of which is my Aviatrix costume for my Steampunk persona Leora Navarre: I am making a corset. And it is not going to be a failure like last time I tried that.

I've put on some weight since then, but also learned how to sew. o-o That one was also made very hurredly, with a store pattern (I don't remember which brand), and has no boning at all. (I spent most of the night keeping it on my boobs.) Thus, I will be drafting my own pattern.

To allno one of you who read my journals (lol) keep an eye out for updates on that venture. There will be regular cosplay endeavors as well this summer, so I s'pose keep an eye out for those as well.

a low-chant jive on the century's crime
22 August 2010 @ 04:51 pm
Not that anyone is here to read it lol.

Back at school again. I have good roommates this year :) Three girls that I made friends with last semester, one of whom is one of my pledge sisters for my sorority. The other two are freshmen and they're pretty cool :)

I have some significantly harder classes this year, and hopefully I won't die under the weight of my textbooks. Got a lot of manga-reading to do too. Not a whole lot occurring otherwise. Considering making a mood theme since I had fun with the ABC mega challenge.
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a low-chant jive on the century's crime
27 June 2010 @ 03:11 pm

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a low-chant jive on the century's crime
13 November 2009 @ 09:59 am
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a low-chant jive on the century's crime
I've discovered that I actually have stuff to say. It's amazing, I know. So I think I'm actually going to start posting journals!!

I just moved in to college literally three days ago. It's going well, I think. Classes start tomorrow morning. I have 8 AM calculus, fml.

I'm living in a suite, so I have five roommates. My room-roommate is very nice. We have bonded. I've also bonded with one of the other freshman in my suite. We have two sophomores living with us, and since they know each other from rooming together last year, neither ever emerges from their room.......... Rachelle was a cave monster until yesterday when Lauren moved in, so now the door to the cave is open. :O

The last of the freshman is a cheerleader and party girl. Basically, complete opposite from me lol. She's nice and all, but I don't go out drinking and I'm not very loud/etc until I get to know people... She also keeps bringing her annoying-ass cheerleading friends over here. They are soooo loud and obnoxious!! I just want them to gooooo awaaaaaay. Like, one of them left her dufflebag on the couch, wtf. They don't seem all that smart either. Gah.

So I'm basically intolerant :)

Also: It's super suuuper cold in our room. Like, I feel like I need gloves. :((( Started reading Catch-22 this afternoon; it's very weird.

OH! Also got a Skype. Dunno what I'm supposed to do with it lulz~
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